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Configure ssh to handle proxies and tunnels seamlessly

Recently I opened up on the port 443 over my EC2 instance (more or less like a VPS), so that I can access it through any firewalled proxy too. Apart from getting SSH running to a machine from outside world, I did some cool configuration to have ssh deal with with various remote hosts automatically. It uses the right proxy settings according the host being accessed.

All the stuff which runs over ssh (like scp, git etc.) also work the way they are supposed to, following the ssh configuration.

To get this to work you need to have corkscrew and netcat (the swiss army knife) already installed.

Here is how it goes:
File ~/.ssh/config:

# Let me access local remotes directly.
Host, 10.*
    ProxyCommand none

# Github lets you ssh over port 443 too, utilize that instead of tunneling
# through remote computer
    User git
    ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p
    Port 443

# Let me ssh onto my ec2 instance, which has full network access, through a
# http proxy.
    ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p
    Port 443
    ServerAliveInterval 600

# All the rest should connect through an ssh connection over the ec2 instance.
Host *
    ProxyCommand ssh -q -a -x -p 443 nc %h %p