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Emacs: Flymake with virtualenvs in python-mode

by crodjer on January 28, 2014, tagged emacs, python

Yet another Vim productivity post: Server-Client

by crodjer on April 15, 2012, tagged vim, server, productivity

Access Interviewstreet's Code Checker over HTTP

by crodjer on April 5, 2012, tagged api, interviewstreet, web, django

Configure ssh to handle proxies and tunnels seamlessly

by crodjer on August 27, 2011, tagged ssh

Dynamic to Static

by crodjer on June 16, 2011, tagged blog, vim

Hosting multiple sites with same django project

by crodjer on December 24, 2010, tagged django, web

Whiteboarding with XMPP (Google Talk)

by crodjer on October 25, 2010, tagged pidgin, xmpp
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